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Mexico is the place with the highest concentration of psychedelic plants in the world. Peyote cacti are ever present in huichol art, ceremonies and cosmogony, but it is just one of the different sacred plants used for ceremonial purposes.


Huichovan works as a “Nierika” –an offering for the gods– of the Wixárika community. Done from July 2017 to January 2018 in situ by Carrilo family from Nueva Colonia & Bautista family from San Andrés in Jalisco ‘s Sierra Norte for Zyanya.


Nierika is a term that means “gift of seeing”, it refers to an “instrument to see” or that is allusive to the “vision of the ancestral gods”. For the Wixaritari, the nierika is obtained through a ritual that aims to know the “hidden” or “authentic” state of things.


Delfín Carrillo García

Cornelio Carrillo Montoya

Catalina Carrillo

Jose López Bautista

Hilario López Bautista

Florencio Bautista

Mariano De La Cruz Bautista

Shedhalle – Alberto Bustamante – HIKURI