07.06 - 04.08.2024

ProtoZone15: Time is Pressure

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Queer Bay Day

16.08 - 01.09.2024



Long Night of the Museums

13.09 - 03.11.2024

ProtoZone 16

15.11 - 12.01.2025

ProtoZone 17


“Co- Weaving” forms a correspondence between craft and participatory forms of encounter. The idea of the carpet as a transportable garden serves as a starting point in this endeavour. During the first two weekends of this Protozone, the art work will be activated: Claudia Hill and a local team invite visitors to sessions of weaving together. The pair of carpets created within this time frame builds the fifth element of a series. All weaving sessions follow the same abstract map, a guide to weaving itself as well as a help to navigates us through fundamental questions about how we want to live and work.

On view is the first pair of carpets in the series, “What’s the Matter,” woven together in a collaborative research initiated by Claudia Hill in 2021 with dance artists Shannon Cooney, Shelley Etkin, Samuel Draper, Jared Gradinger, and guests. This process was accompanied by the filmmaker Heidrun Holzfeind and is part of the garden. Claudia Hill understands the loom not only as a weaving machine, but as a somatic communication tool. Conversations held while weaving together and texts read aloud, together with site-specific fabrics, flow into the fabric as their intricate immaterial components.


Claudia Hill is a in Berlin based interdisciplinary artist working within the fields of performance, costume design, scenography and somatic practices. Her work has been internationally shown in the contexts of Fine arts and Performing arts. Amongst others this includes the Paris International’s, the Mumok in Vienna duringImpulsTanz festival and HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin. Her artistic practice roots in the intertwined relationship between textiles and different kinds of crafts and manual labour performed by women. As Claudia Hill describes in her book Social Fabric Earth Return, she explores different collective forms of communication through multi sensory experiences. The book was released by the publisher BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE on the occasion of her solo show in the Efremidis Gallery in Berlin. Claudia Hill has a background in contemporary dance and fashion design. Her collectionshave been presented internationally including Japan and New York, where she spent several years of her life. She designed costumes for the choreographer William Forsythe, The Wooster Group, and the choreographer Meg Stuart. Over the last years, her work has been focused around the healing potential of textile objects and transforming rituals. At the moment her exhibition Weaving Roots is in the Bärenzwinger in Berlin on display.


The Co-Weaving research was supported by the National Performance Network – Stepping Out, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative Neustart Kultur as well as the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.


Shedhalle – Claudia Hill Co-Weaving

© Adam Seid Tahir

Shedhalle – Claudia Hill Co-Weaving

© Adam Seid Tahir

Shedhalle – Claudia Hill Co-Weaving

© Diane Esnault

Shedhalle – Claudia Hill Co-Weaving

© Jared Gradinger