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The Sequesterers (2023)

site specific study scenario + performance practice


A trio of Redwood trees live and labour at the edge of the Zurich Lake, neighbouring the site of Rote Fabrik. A.Livingstone sees these 100 year old Sequoia Sempervirens species as a site of study, as « always living » collaborators.


This tightly knit family of trees offer an exceptional performance of carbon sequestration and a spectacular installation of biodiversity.


Serious survival strategies in a troubled ecotone –

Insight for an expanded choreographic method –


The interconnected root system extends in every possible direction.

These redwoods’ anchor underneath the Zurich See

They reach for nourishment all the way to below Shedhalle Arts Space.

A living underground for the Syncretic Sites exhibition.


Via a series of short audio guides / listening scores

A.Livingstone invites visitors to encounter the unseen in various ways.


The Sequesterers score suggests a venture beyond the boundaries of the building, to study the redwoods from the lakes’ point of view. Shedhalle Team are available to support mobility and tech needs. Audio Guides / Listening scores are available by QR code scan.



audio + video



score live lecture /gesture 60min

17.09.23, 13h


Below the clean concrete floor of the former factory is a dynamic entanglement of pipes and passages, fluids and fibres, electrical and vegetal intelligences. The redwoods’ roots system reigns, mycelia gossips, and the snail keeps time. This lecture reflects on « points of contact » and proposes a gesture for fine tuning our attention to forces that sustain us. A study of taking and making of refuge together. A siesta scenario.



as part of Protozone12: Syncretic Sites


A.Livingstone makes things / actions / relations, often in situ, often in collaboration. A body of work trembling on display. Post – Canadian, nomadic, self-taught, they make performance installations as research on taking and making of refuge, the somatic, social, and spatial operations of re-connection – often considering the aesthetic, architecture and consciousness of the snail as method.


A.Livingstone currently works as a researcher and artistic advisor for EXERCE Masters, Centre Chorégraphique Nationale Montpellier, France and as liason project facilitator between artists and geologists via KIAC Trondec Hwiechen First Nation, Yukon Territory. Recent works have been active at Nocturne Poétique, Louvre, Paris, Cultures D’Avenir, Centre George Pompidou, Paris, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin, Barbican London, Scottish Landscape Trust, Darling Foundry, Montreal. Recent key collaborators are Dance Artist – Folklorist Sherwood Chen, Philosopher Emma Bigé, performer Kizis -Mich Cota, choreographers Lee Su-feh, and Jamila Johnson Small.


Shedhalle – A.Livingstone – The Sequesterers

Image, Courtesy of the Artist A.Livingstone

Audio, Courtesy of the Artist A.Livingstone