ProtoZone13 CLOSING with Chris Paxton
& Belia Winnewisser

In short

Join us on January 13 for the Closing of Feels Like… ProtoZone13:


Chris Paxton invites to delve into sonic ecologies, creating a soundscape while preparing a comforting vegetable curry together. Share your feelings, desires, and dreams for a disappearing Earth through poems, dreams, texts, or any resonant expression. Let’s converge minds, flourish ideas, and collectively envision a future beyond our current predicament.


The evening begins with collective cooking at 5pm, followed by shared food and drinks at 7pm. Come as you are—everyone is welcome to cook, share, and listen.


Belia Winnewisser will bring the evening to a beautiful close with a concert featuring some freshly composed songs at 9pm.

Opening times:

2pm exhibition opens

5pm Dreaming Communal (Cooking & Listening) with Chris Paxton

7pm shared food & drinks

9pm concert by Belia Winnewisser

Shedhalle – ProtoZone13 CLOSING w/ Chris Paxton & Belia Winnewisser

Dreaming Communal by Chris Paxton: excerpt of the soundscape played at Shedhalle, Protozone13 Closing, photo by Laila Kaletta

Shedhalle – ProtoZone13 CLOSING w/ Chris Paxton & Belia Winnewisser

Belia Winnewisser, Performance at Kunstraum Aarau 2023, Ullmann Photography

Shedhalle – ProtoZone13 CLOSING w/ Chris Paxton & Belia Winnewisser

Chris Paxton, Communal Dreaming, 2023





Contemporary Queer Chinese Art

In short

Book Launch x Artist Talk x Conversation


featuring Diyi Mergenthaler, Ziwei Huang & Yumo Cheng and Daniel Berndt

Join us for the evening talk at Shedhalle. We will celebrate the beauty of queer Chinese art and relevant research work!

Shedhalle – Contemporary Queer Chinese Art
Shedhalle – Contemporary Queer Chinese Art
Shedhalle – Contemporary Queer Chinese Art
Shedhalle – Contemporary Queer Chinese Art
Shedhalle – Contemporary Queer Chinese Art


Collective Worlding Workshop

In short

Winged Eros: Collective Wording Workshop

with Steph Holl-Trieu


Saturday 18.11.23



Registration at

Shedhalle – Collective Worlding Workshop with Steph Holl-Trieu

Protozone 11: it’s weird

In short

With: Angela Goh, Autumn Knight, Kris Lemsalu, Pontus Pettersson, Michael Portnoy


We are reclaiming the weird.


Not the uncanny, or necessarily the strange, but the weird as that which is out of place, a refusal in plain sight, a blurring of boundaries and relations. By challenging dominant perspectives, which have historically framed what is the “correct” narrative, weirdness becomes a space of knowledge production.


We invite a selection of artists and thinkers to imagine together how weirdness can create alternative and inclusive futures.

Opening times:

LO-Intensity Phase

17.06. – 6.08.

open every Sat 14-20h & Sun 14-18h

Check for program via the “program” button and for weekly updates on the SHED

Shedhalle – Protozone11: it’s weird

Protozone11 it‘s weird, Graphic Design: Studio Yukiko


The Institute for embodied creative practices

In short

‘The Institute for embodied creative practices’ was hosted at Shedhalle by Isabelle Lewis from 3-6 of November during Protozone8 – Queer Trust.
We are grateful for the collaboration with Joseph Baan, Nina Emge, Izidora I LETHE, Juliette Uzor, Tyra Wigg, HGB Leipzig, HSLU Luzern, ZHdK Zurich and many more international art schools.
The Institute for Embodied Creative Practices is an ambulatory corpus of particular concerns and the sensorial methodologies for addressing them founded by artist and choreographer Isabel Lewis.

Lewis (*1981, Santo Domingo) is a US artist with Dominican roots. She studied literature, dance and philosophy and is now active in theater, dance and music. Her work expanded the field of contemporary art to include the format of Occasions. With persistent experimentation and research methods that emerge from bodily experiences, Lewis creates alternative forms of sociality between human and non-human actors. The artist’s body of work to date includes the formats Occurrences, Arrangements, Activations, Expanded Viewings, Sensory Parcours, as well as workshops, listening sessions, and lecture performances. The focus of her fundamentally collaborative practice is on affective bodily experiences that engage all the senses.


The Institute of Embodied Creative Practices was supported by Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur & Callies Berlin
Curated by Philipp Bergmann & Thea Reifler

Shedhalle – The Institute for embodied creative practices

The Institute for embodied creative practices, 2022
picture by Vanessa Bosch


Becoming Justin Bieber

In short

Sunny Pfalzer was hosting their ‘Becoming Justin Bieber’ Workshop, a somatic dance karaoke gathering, during Zurich Art Weekend at Shedhalle!
Thank you for everybody who joined. Together we discovered how the choreographic gestures of pop cultural music videos felt in our bodies. Resisting through slow-motion awkwardness, we all became our own versions of Justin Bieber & Co. ♪


Assistance Sculptures: Nico Rueda
Pictures by Vaida Mikliusiene
Curated by Philipp Bergmann & Thea Reifler


in the framework of Protozone8

Shedhalle – Becoming Justin Bieber

'Becoming Justin Bieber' Workshop by Sunny Pfalzer
Zurich Art Weekend 2022