13.09 - 03.11.2024

ProtoZone 16

15.11 - 12.01.2025

ProtoZone 17


Long Night of Museums Zurich 2024

In short

Long Night of Museums 2024 at Shedhalle

with WAT TAKLEAW and Sarai Rose Duke

curated and hosted by Vanessa Bosch



Opening times:

open 18:00 – 01:00

Shedhalle – Long Night of Museums Zurich 2024

Textures of Play, Long Night of Museums Zurich 2024

Shedhalle – Long Night of Museums Zurich 2024


Shedhalle – Long Night of Museums Zurich 2024

Sarai Rose Duke



In short



For ProtoZone14 Shedhalle’s curatorial team comes together with a desire to stay close to the relationships and work we have developed over the past four years.


With Staying Close we invite you to see new ways of being and staying with one another. Looking for altered understandings of time and collaboration, history and practice. To us, this means looking for solidarity despite and exactly because of our differences.


ProtoZone14 hosts an ongoing film and a site-specific installation. The rest of the space and time is dedicated to what we feel is now most urgent: live gathering. We invite you to gather around dance, around poetry, music, excursions, workshops and meals.


Curated by Phila Bergmann, Michelangelo Miccolis, Thea Reifler, Lucie Tuma
Curatorial Assistant Vanessa Bosch


Production assistance for Cally Spooner: nick von kleist


Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur

and Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur (for The Institute for Embodied Creative Practices)

Opening times:


Friday, 24.05. to Sunday, 26.05. we cordially invite you to the Institute for Embodied Creative Practices.

24.05. 09-22h

25.05. 09-22h

26.05. 09-17h

Shedhalle – ProtoZone14: Staying Close

Graphic Design Studio Yukiko





Queer Bay Day 2024

In short

On August 1, 2024, “Queer Bay Day” will take place for the fourth time in the courtyard of the Rote Fabrik and on the lakeshore – a summer festival for the LGBTQIA+ scene and culture in Zurich and throughout Switzerland.


We are already looking forward to our fourth QBD!


Bring your (sun)umbrella and all your loved ones and join us on August 1st for Queer Bay Day at Rote Fabrik!


A thousand thanks to everyone who contributes to the Queer Bay Day program <3



Shedhalle – Queer Bay Day

graphic design by Jana Hofman


ProtoZone13 CLOSING with Chris Paxton
& Belia Winnewisser

In short

Join us on January 13 for the Closing of Feels Like… ProtoZone13:


Chris Paxton invites to delve into sonic ecologies, creating a soundscape while preparing a comforting vegetable curry together. Share your feelings, desires, and dreams for a disappearing Earth through poems, dreams, texts, or any resonant expression. Let’s converge minds, flourish ideas, and collectively envision a future beyond our current predicament.


The evening begins with collective cooking at 5pm, followed by shared food and drinks at 7pm. Come as you are—everyone is welcome to cook, share, and listen.


Belia Winnewisser will bring the evening to a beautiful close with a concert featuring some freshly composed songs at 9pm.

Opening times:

2pm exhibition opens

5pm Dreaming Communal (Cooking & Listening) with Chris Paxton

7pm shared food & drinks

9pm concert by Belia Winnewisser

Shedhalle – ProtoZone13 CLOSING w/ Chris Paxton &#038; Belia Winnewisser

Dreaming Communal by Chris Paxton: excerpt of the soundscape played at Shedhalle, Protozone13 Closing, photo by Laila Kaletta

Shedhalle – ProtoZone13 CLOSING w/ Chris Paxton &#038; Belia Winnewisser

Belia Winnewisser, Performance at Kunstraum Aarau 2023, Ullmann Photography

Shedhalle – ProtoZone13 CLOSING w/ Chris Paxton &#038; Belia Winnewisser

Chris Paxton, Communal Dreaming, 2023