13.01 - 14.01.2024

ProtoZone13 CLOSING w/ Chris Paxton et al. tba





Syncretic Sites

In short

with Qiu Anxiong, Shruti Belliappa & Kiraṇ Kumār, Nina Emge, Denise Ferreira da Silva & Arjuna Neuman, Amparo González Sola, Frank Hesse, A. Livingstone, Tiran Willemse, Xu Zhen


curated by Lucie Tuma

curatorial assistance Loue Wyder


Syncretic Sites deals with past, forgotten, repressed or future events and existences. Just like any other place, Shedhalle is inhabited by traces from other times and spaces.


Fleeting bodies, hunches and vague allusions take center stage. Ghosts, memories, visions, dreams, traumas and all that would remain unheard and unheard-of, if we did not decide to listen.


Opening times:

HI-Intensity Phase: 15.-17.09.

open Fri 18-23h / Sat 14-22h / Sun 13-18h

(for details check “program” button above!)


LO-Intensity Phase: 18.09.-05.11.

open every Sat 14-20h / Sun 14-18h

Shedhalle – Protozone12: Syncretic Sites


In short

with bod [包家巷], Maxime Buono, Spellcaster

curated by Forever Unblocked


Two weeks before the opening of Protozone12: Syncretic Sites, Shedhalle invites you to a long night of processes. We are in the midst of building up.

Opening times:

02.09.2023, 18-02h

Tickets via Zurich’s Long Night of Museums for Shedhalle and the whole program of Lange Nacht all around the city / OR on site for Shedhalle and Clubnight

Shedhalle – Zurich’s Long Night of Museums – Protozone12: Syncretic Sites preOpening
Shedhalle – Zurich’s Long Night of Museums – Protozone12: Syncretic Sites preOpening
Shedhalle – Zurich’s Long Night of Museums – Protozone12: Syncretic Sites preOpening

bod [包家巷]

Shedhalle – Zurich’s Long Night of Museums – Protozone12: Syncretic Sites preOpening

Maxime Buono

Shedhalle – Zurich’s Long Night of Museums – Protozone12: Syncretic Sites preOpening




In short

On August 1, 2023, the “Queer Bay Day” will take place in the courtyard of the Rote Fabrik and on the lakeside – a summer festival for the LGBTQIA+ scene and culture in Zurich and Switzerland.


We invite you to meet, dance and talk, snack, read, cuddle and swim 💦 Bring your sun umbrellas and swim rings. Come alone or with all your loved ones!

Opening times:

August 01, 2023, 14-22h

Courtyard of Roten Fabrik, Clubraum, Shedhalle and lakeside

Shedhalle – Queer Bay Day 2023

Grafik: Lorena Cipriano


Protozone 11: it’s weird

In short

With: Angela Goh, Autumn Knight, Kris Lemsalu, Pontus Pettersson, Michael Portnoy


We are reclaiming the weird.


Not the uncanny, or necessarily the strange, but the weird as that which is out of place, a refusal in plain sight, a blurring of boundaries and relations. By challenging dominant perspectives, which have historically framed what is the “correct” narrative, weirdness becomes a space of knowledge production.


We invite a selection of artists and thinkers to imagine together how weirdness can create alternative and inclusive futures.

Opening times:

LO-Intensity Phase

17.06. – 6.08.

open every Sat 14-20h & Sun 14-18h

Check for program via the “program” button and for weekly updates on the SHED

Shedhalle – Protozone11: it’s weird

Protozone11 it‘s weird, Graphic Design: Studio Yukiko



In short

with: Schule der Liebenden (Theater Hora, melanie bonajo, Daniel Cremer, Yanna Rüger, space installation Carolin Gieszner) / James Bantone / Shu Lea Cheang / Steph Holl-Trieu / Deborah-Joyce Holman / Anchi Lin (Ciwas Tahos) / The Institute for Embodied Creative Practices (Isabel Lewis et al.)


curated by Phila Bergmann & Thea Reifler

curatorial assistant Vanessa Bosch


Opening times:

17.11. OPENING WEEKEND 18-23h

18.11. OPENING WEEKEND 15:30-20h (workshop before from 13h)

19.11. OPENING WEEKEND 14-18h


23.11. 19-22h Le Foyer IN PROCESS


25.11. 14-20h

26.11. 14-18h


27.11. 19-22h Book Launch “Contemporary Queer Chinese Art”



02.12. 16-20h (workshop before from 14h)

03.12. 14-18h – free entry to Shedhalle for visitors of Sonic Matter Festival & reduced entry to the performance UMVA! at Fabriktheater for Shedhalle visitors


08.12. 20h Premiere Theater HORA (Tickets here)

09.12. 14-20h

10.12. 13-17h (18h show Theater HORA – Tickets here)


14.12. 20h show Theater HORA (Tickets here)

15.12. 20h show Theater HORA (Tickets here)

16.12. 14-19h (20h show Theater HORA – Tickets here)

17.12. 14-18h


23.12. 14-20h


30.12. 14-20h


05.01. 20h show Theater HORA – Tickets here

06.01. 14-19h (20h show Theater HORA – Tickets here)

07.01. 13-17h (18h show Theater HORA – Tickets here)




Shedhalle – ProtoZone13


In short

with Selma Selman, Mikołaj Sobczak und Nicholas Grafia


Shedhalle brings together three artists for their first major institutional collaboration in Switzerland. Selma Selman, Mikołaj Sobczak, and Nicholas Grafia, friends who come from very different backgrounds, will spend a two-week-residency-period at Shedhalle. Together they will develop a spatial installation with their drawings, paintings, sculptural and video works.


And they will work on a new performance that will be presented on 16th and 17th of December, exploring the possibilities of experimental and political theatre. With references to absurdist performance and humorous play, they focus on social reality. They draw on narratives that are derived from socially stigmatized individuals and their bodily histories, but also their resilience and resistance.


Curated by Phila Bergmann & Thea Reifler

Curatorial Assistance: Vanessa Bosch

Graphic Design: Studio Yukiko

Opening times:

HI-Intensity Phase:



LO-Intensity Phase:

19.12.2023 – 15.01.2023

Sa 14–20h & Su 14–18h

Shedhalle – Protozone9 WEAK•END•OPERA

Protozone9 WEAK.END.OPERA, 2022
with Selma Selman, Mikołaj Sobczak und Nicholas Grafia



In short

QUEER TRUST is an attitude that draws from and relies on the in-between. It has shaped the work at Shedhalle as a space for process-based art since 2020 and is also the basis of Protozone8. The exhibition shows artistic works and ways of working that trust in relationships and processes beyond fixed attributions. The participating artists share intimate, vulnerable, open, and courageous artwork. In doing so, they question (gender) identities as well as artistic, scientific, and social traditions and classifications.

Opening times:






open every Sat 14-20h & Sun 14-18h

29.10. 20h BEAST! Performance by Tarek Lakhrissi

04.-06.11. The Institute for embodied creative practices by Isabel Lewis

in collaboration with Josephine Baan, Nina Emge, Izidora l Lethe, Ceylan Öztrük, Tyra Wigg and international academies

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Protozone8. Graphic Design: Studio Yukiko

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Dana Michel. Photo: Clara Lacasse

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, Leave No Trace (Milan), 2021. Photo: Fred Dott.

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Isabel Lewis, The Institute for Embodied Creative Practices. Performance view, Welt ohne Aussen, Martin-Gropius Bau, Berlin, 2018. Photo: Mathias Voelzke.

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Natasha Tontey, Garden amidst the flame (still), 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Sunny Pfalzer, Slim Soledad, Lau Lukkarila, I know what to do, 2022. Photo: Joseph Kadow.

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Tarek Lakhrissi, Makeda Monnet, Victor da Silva, Beast!, 2022. Photo: Markus Goessi, Tinguely Museum.

Shedhalle – Protozone8 Queer Trust

Terre Thaemlitz, Interstices (still), 2001. Courtesy of the artist.