Amparo González Sola

If every rock is a hole


If every rock is a hole, then every absence is a presence. If every hole is a rock, then vulnerability is a force.


If every rock is a hole is a subtle and contemplative dance performance in which the audience is invited to slow down and look beyond the visible. In this work Argentinian choreographer Amparo González Sola challenges the borders between visibility and invisibility, resisting and surrendering, presence and absence. The piece summons hidden memories, images, movements and sounds of deserted landscapes.


What do we encounter when we give attention to the quiet resonances and the still movements that are often overlooked?


as part of Protozone12: Syncretic Sites


Amparo González Sola (Argentina, 1984) is a choreographer, dancer and researcher. She currently lives in Amsterdam where she did her master at DAS Choreography (AHK). Her research of the last few years has developed around the notion of “reciprocity”. This research has taken the form of performances and also of participative practices, workshops and texts. Her work is affected by her experience within feminist activism, the ongoing process of contact with the cosmology of her ancestors and her experience of migration. In 2022 she premiered “If every rock is a hole” and this year “The conspiracy of forms”, both within the SPRING Performing Arts Festival (NL). She constantly collaborates with other artists and researchers both in Argentina and Europe.



DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHY & DIRECTION Amparo González Sola / LIGHT & SPACE Vinny Jones / SOUND Nahuel Cano / ARTISTIC COLLABORATION Jimena Perez Salerno / SCENOGRAPHIC ADVICE Charles Chauvet / ADVISORS Diana Szeinblum & Kadiatou Diallo / CONCEPTUAL DIALOGS Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca & Marie Bardet


COPRODUCTION: SPRING Performing Art Festival Utrecht (NL) SUPPORT (2021-22): Pro Helvetia – Coincidencia (CH), Program Residenties in Utrecht (NL), Institut Français d’ Argentine (FR), Próximamente Festival (BE), KVS Theater (BE), El Asunto de lo Remoto (AR), Young Art Support Amsterdam (NL); Jan Kassies Grants (NL), ATD-Aart Janszen Fonds (NL), DAS Choreography & DAS Graduated School AHK (NL)RESIDENCIES: Rote Fabrik (CH), Workspace Brussels (BE), Los Vidrios (AR), Dansateliers (NL)

Shedhalle – Amparo González Sola

Amparo González Sola, photo: Thomas Lenden

Shedhalle – Amparo González Sola

Amparo González Sola