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ProtoZone 16

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ProtoZone 17

Autumn Knight

Drawing from her training in theatre and the psychology of group dynamics, New York–based artist Autumn Knight makes performances that reshape perceptions of race, gender, and authority. She scrutinises institutional spaces that regulate African American subjects or that assert their absence, often putting black women at the center of the conversation to usurp the dynamics of a room with humour and with purpose.


Knight is the recipient of the Rome Prize (2022) and a Guggenheim Fellowship (2022). Her performance work, WALL is the first live performance work entered into the permanent collection of the Studio Museum in Harlem. Knight participated in the 2019 Whitney Biennial.


In the framework of Protozone11: it’s weird:


Knight will contribute to the program with a series of her vinyl drawings, recently developed for her solo exhibition, “NOTHING #26: THE POTENTIAL OF NOTHING IS EVERYTHING,” at the Wallach Art Gallery (NY). These drawings demonstrate our continued engagement and dedication to the process of an artist’s work as opposed to simply their output. Knight first developed these for the SHED, our virtual greenroom developed over the pandemic, and has since taken them from their virtual form to manifest physically.

Shedhalle – Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight, Untitled (2023)

Shedhalle – Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight, Untitled (2023)