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bod [包家巷]

The death of all narratives | ft. Xleepyfay & Laure

audioplay, in the framework of The Long Night of the Museums Zurich, 02.09.2023, curated by Forever Unblocked


The death of all narrative is an audioplay produced by bod [包家巷], featuring voicenotes by Xleepyfay & Laure. The piece situates itself at the end of the global multicrisis of the past 5 years and the alleged feeling of the end of the world. It investigates the decade of a new narrational entropy that we seem to be entering.


The death of all narratives sheds a whitepilled light onto the future, a future where literalism and grand narratives as we know them are dead. Where the old layers of landfill and the sorrowful depth of the riverbeds shall become the garden and the flame of a new life. A new truth shall be birthed and remain forever unblocked.


BaoJiaXiang ( bod [包家巷]) considers themself an all-encompassing artist, with vested interest in the mutualities between the real and artificial and post-digital thinking. Actively engaged in critical thought regarding ethnographics and as a total synthesis of their existence on the technological and psychological planes.


Their take on virtuality, a popular idea of the last decade, is more rooted in semantics. In terms of music, there lives an anxious echo of melodic tunes, backed by orchestral or traditional Chinese instrumentals. There often sees a balance between futurist and old, and western with eastern sounds. “I was not accepted as Chinese, American, or European.” (source Coeval Magazine)


Shedhalle – bod [包家巷]