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Co–Listening Session #1: Tune in


19.12. 14h-16h


The digital_analogue_lab* is dedicated for the first time to sound research: we open the Shedhalle for a co-listening session. All visitors are invited to bring small sound fragments with them. Everyday noises, songs, sounds, noise, music – everything is welcome!


Together we will listen to the audio pieces from the personal sound archives and question them: What does home sound like? What do favourite places sound like? What creates a resonance and what doesn’t? Why do I particularly like this particular sound? And what does the breath behind our corona masks actually sound like?


The material we bring with us weaves itself into a shimmering tapestry of sound. We linger listening to original sounds, rhythms and resonances. Closeness and community develop among people with the most diverse backgrounds and life stories.


*In the digital_analogue_lab, people with and without refugee biographies research hybrid narratives together with guest artists. Further listening sessions at different locations are planned.


“Listen to everything all the time, and remind yourself when you are not listening.

Don’t tune out.” Pauline Oliveros

In German and English

Participants: Abdirahman, Abdihakin, Ashu, Reza, Senait, Suad, Soraya, Aurora

Direction, initiator, hosting: Iva Sanjek

Audio design: Kaspar König

Consulting: Kay Zhang