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New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01


NMHS explores a post-human environment where several abandoned experiments to sustain life, beehives in incubators, 3D models of bodies, plant and insect colonies lie empty. The work is set in a liminal time when humans have vacated the world. All that remains are remnants of corporate research/manufacturing plants, data centers and machines which still contain some consciousness of humans which were uploaded before climate disaster destroyed life. The work dwells on systems theory, climate care, AI consciousness, data mining and the memory of plant consciousness and the knowledges which has been destroyed by Neo-liberal extraction.


Their multidisciplinary, research-led practice encompasses video installation, virtual reality and performance. Through the staging of an immersive, world-building, they critically capture emergent modes of subjectivity that have moved beyond the narrow gender binaries inherited from a western-centric scientific and philosophical tradition. The history and emergence of 20th and 21st century techno-bodies and their representation in their speculative worlds critically rehearses multiple readings of art history, theory, psychoanalysis, physics, computational science and science fiction, and the seemingly endless ways in which these different fields and histories merge and interact in the creation of new subjectivities.

Shedhalle – Doireann O’Malley: New Maps of Hyperspace_Test_01