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Eliana Otta/
Engy Mohsen/
Gabriel Hensche

In the framework of Proto-Club4: Timing-Out, 16.04.2023


Rehearsing Horizontalities by Eliana Otta (moderated by Engy Mohsen)

How much effort do we put into standing still? Why do our daily activities demand that we detach ourselves from lying on the ground? The ground is only for the defeated or for resting, to recharge forces for the next quotidian battles. What if the ground is the best place to reflect on such battles? What if sharing the same ground, at the same time, is the only way we can discover other ways to share what comes after getting up?

“Falling in Love with the World” and “Rehearsing Horizontalities” are two games out of ten that makeup How to Love Many in Many Ways, a project by Engy Mohsen and Gabriel Hensche. Texts were edited by Ismail Fayed, copy edited by Jenifer Evans, and the games were designed by Engy Aly and Engy Mohsen. How to Love Many in Many Ways is supported by Warehouse421’s Homebound Residency (2020), Pro Helvetia Cairo (2021), and the School of Commons (2022).


Picture: “How to create comfortable resting positions with _____”, Engy Mohsen and Gabriel Hensche, 2022, game session at Iron Velvet, New York. Photo: Cristian Chironi

Shedhalle – Eliana Otta/Engy Mohsen/Gabriel Hensche
Shedhalle – Eliana Otta/Engy Mohsen/Gabriel Hensche