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Emergency in favor of twice

> yoga practice & talk: Sunday 16.04. 11–12:30am

with Frank Hesse


„Emergency in favor of twice“ is the working title of Frank Hesse’s contribution to Protozone 12 in fall 2023. This new work is centered around the question of the spiritual heritage of the readymade. Aspects of labour and repetion on a daily basis are foregrounded when it comes to artistic, somatic and aesthetic practices. The notion of spirituality is at question itself and in a process of ambivalent negotiation.


We start with sharing a specific yoga practice intended to serve as an anchor in daily life. In the conversation afterwards, the artist will talk about some of his research on the fabrication of modern yoga and how the readymade may be considered a spiritual practice in itself.

Shedhalle – Frank Hesse
Shedhalle – Frank Hesse