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Excerpts from Liturgy


Delayed Echo


The term yamabiko is used to describe the phenomenon of a delayed echo in mountains and valleys, and is thought to be a spirit answering. Sometimes, they’re also considered the voices of kodama, the tree spirits. In the K chi Prefecture, regardless of whether it is day or night, when a sudden dreadful voice is heard deep in the mountains, this strange phenomenon is called yamahiko.


Cleansing bells still rang in the atmosphere,

Lost on the summer path, following the sound of a faint gong on the wind, A cemetery, or ancestral mausoleum, and many tall trees.




The Five Great Mountains (Wu Yue) are arranged according to the #ve cardinal directions of Chinese geomancy, which considers “the centre” as a direction.


Each of the great mountains is defined by its own distinct characteristics and landscapes, from lush green forests and fragrant flowers in bloom, to winding rivers, precipitous crags, and endless steep, narrow paths. Associated with the supreme God of Heaven and the #ve main cosmic deities of Chinese traditional religion, these mountains were the subject of imperial pilgrimages by emperors throughout history.


East Great Mountain (泰山); “Tranquil Mountain” 1,545 m (5,069 ft) 36°15’N 117°06’E


West Great Mountain (華山); “Splendid Mountain” 1,997 m (6,552 ft) 34°29’N 110°05’E


South Great Mountain (衡山); “Balancing Mountain” 1,290 m (4,230 ft) 27.254798°N 112.655743°E


North Great Mountain (􏱅山); “Permanent Mountain” 2,017 m (6,617 ft) 39°40’26’’N 113°44’08’’E


Centre Great Mountain (嵩山); “Lofty Mountain” 1,494 m (4,902 ft) 34°29’5’’N 112°57’37’’E


Images courtesy of the artist


Liturgy is published by Primary Information.

Co-Published with PAN.

Managing Editors: James Hoff and Bill Kouligas

Designers: NMR

Copy Editor: Allison Dubinsky


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Shedhalle – Flora Yin Wong Liturgy
Shedhalle – Flora Yin Wong Liturgy
Shedhalle – Flora Yin Wong Liturgy
Shedhalle – Flora Yin Wong Liturgy
Shedhalle – Flora Yin Wong Liturgy