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ProtoZone 16

15.11 - 12.01.2025

ProtoZone 17


Pluto’s Cave

When I was a kid I grew up in different places. One of them was a cave. I lived mesmerized by the outside lights shed into it and by the shadows it produced. I fell asleep to the stories I heard and observed coming from the outside. I grew up until I was finally able to leave the cave. I realized that all that I had learned in the cave was neither right nor wrong, but a fragmented truth and image of a story bigger than I had ever imagined. Sometimes I still look back into the cave to see how new sources of light play into the new stories that are being told. Lights and narratives change over time; to peek into my old cave of a home helps me to understand the changing of it on a grand scale.


Maxime Buono is a multi-disciplinary artist and graduate from Angers School of Fine Art (France) in 2021. He moved to Marseille (France) in 2022 where he is still living and working today.

As a self proclaimed alchemist – a person who transforms or generates something new through a seemingly magical process – and through his artistic story-telling, he is depicting his ethereal reality, working with mainly physical installations and digital editing. Using his phone (he likes to view it as a modern talisman) and graphic messengers, Maxime shows a world where fantasy takes place in reality until reality eventually even reverses itself into full fantasy.

Maxime creates places of void, where you are free to create anything you like if you’re able to create the right plot. The only rule remaining is: DON’T RUIN MY FANTASY

Shedhalle – Maxime Buono