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Shedhalle Zurich on May 13th 1902, 7pm: Workers of the mechanical silk weaving factory are leaving after their shift. They head towards home or possibly somewhere else, wherever their leisure time calls them.

Playbour describes activities between play, leisure and labour. Originating in contexts of the Gaming industry, this particular mode of creating value during play actually affects a much wider group. Looking back as far as early communist dreams of liberation from waged work through automatization where activities of play are brought into every workers’ life may seem a far stretch. Yet the question remains as to who may have access to modes of production that are labeled as free, creative and meaningful activities. While ‘playbour’ is built around the work places of so-called immaterial labour it is tightly interwoven with the material extraction and exploitation of both workers and more-than-human resources on a global scale.

Shedhalle – Playbour