07.06 - 04.08.2024

ProtoZone15: Time is Pressure

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Queer Bay Day

16.08 - 01.09.2024



Long Night of the Museums

13.09 - 03.11.2024

ProtoZone 16

15.11 - 12.01.2025

ProtoZone 17

Army of

Training Camp:


Week 2:

19-20 June, 14 – 18h

Ingo Niermann & Michelangelo Miccolis with Melanie Bonajo and Ayo Gry


Week 3:

26-27 June, 14 – 18h

Ingo Niermann & Michelangelo Miccolis with Alessandro Schiattarella


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Language: English or others on request

Accessibility needs are especially taken into account


The Army of Love is a solidarity that offers training, recruitments, discussions, manuals, and testimonial videos to promote the redistribution of sensual love to all who need it. Since its founding in 2016, the Army of Love has recruited and trained people of diverse age, gender, ethnicity, and appearance all over Europe.


Week 2: 19-20 June

For the first weekend, artist Melanie Bonajo and bodyworker Ayo Gry will join us. They both work with Skinship in Berlin, a touched-based place for kinship, centering queer, trans*, nonbinary, intersex, Agender, genderfluid and femme bodies, creating safe”er” spaces through embodied art and activism.


Oceano de Amor (2019)

A film by Alexa Karolinski and Ingo Niermann will open on the 19th and remain open to the public for the duration of the Protozone. The production of Oceano de Amor has been made possible by the support of Castello di Rivoli, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Fachausschuss Film und Medienkunst Basel-Stadt / Basel Landschaft, and Robot Love, a project of the Niet Normal Foundation.


Week 3: 26-27 June

For the second weekend, choreographer Alessandro Schiattarella will join us. We will focus on your own proposals, questions, and critiques.


Previous presentations include: 9th Berlin Biennale (Berlin), Wiesbaden Biennale (Wiesbaden), MACBA (Barcelona), Casco Art Institute (Utrecht), La Casa Encendida, (Madrid).


Ingo Niermann (Bielefild DE, 1969) is a writer. He is known in the German-speaking for his novels, short stories, non-fiction, and his editorial projects as well as his forays into contemporary art. Utopian scenarios are a common thread throughout his work, as is a subversive note. He lives in Basel.


image 1: Army of Love, recruitment poster. All right reserved. Design of the heart: Jonas Voegeli

Image 2:Oceano de Amor (HD, 95 min, 2019) by Alexa Karolinski and Ingo Niermann. Courtesy of the artists

Shedhalle – 2&3: Army of Love
Shedhalle – 2&3: Army of Love