Materializations from the End of the Caribbean Sea

organized by Paloma Ayala and Javier Dragustinovis*

Date: 25. April, Thursday
Time: 14 – 18h



A story happens to us and you are invited to take part.
About memories of places,
dreams in which past, present and future spaces mix up in the continuum of a narrative created from afar, for you.
Like dry sand running through a closed fist, these are ungraspable stories that pile up somewhere else. They mix, they build up images that never were, but that very much affect your decisions of life,
your ways of looking.

We invite you to materialize not your, but our story
in a form that you can take home.
You have only to listen, imagine, then dig.

The story is about the end of the Caribbean Sea.
You might or might not have been there before. It matters little.
However lenghty your distance to that space, your materialization of the story will reflect on the memories, dreams, ghosts and lives of the people from such regions.

This is an exercise of giving. It won´t take long.
Be welcome to bring company.

*Paloma and Javier are originary from Matamoros, Mexico, border with Brownsville, Texas. Their project ‘El Fin de la Mar Caribe’, is about using fiction to portrait a desired History of the settlements in that specific space. Paloma and Javi work together since 2016.