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Queer Bay Day

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3D model based on the 1:1 replica the architects made during the planning and construction of the Anthropology Museum. Back in the 60s architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez wanted a huge monolith as a ‘remate’ for the central courtyard, President Miguel Alemán answered he knew a great stone in a town called Coatlinchán. The government orchestrated Operación: Coatlinchán, including a graphic novel and live tv coverage of La Piedra being transported to the museum. For further context check out the documentary La Piedra Ausente (2013).


At the end, they didn’t like how Tláloc looked and decided to place it on the sidewalk outside the museum. Coatlinchán was left with a fiberglass replica that locals now call Sponge Bob.

Shedhalle – Alberto Bustamante – TLÁLOC