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Naghmeh Manavi


Reading: 11.05.2024


Naghmeh Manavi is a freelance theatermaker and performer living in Tehran.


She studied theater at the Tehran University of Art. She has been working in performing arts as a writer, performer, director, and festival coordinator since 2010.


As a creator she is interested in power structures in any kind of human relations, as a writer, she is writing essays and lecture performances on the intersection of political, personal, and neuroscientific matters, her early works were mostly around object theater and the relationship between a performer’s body, and the objects.


In the last 4 years, she has been experiencing researching/directing in lecture-performance or documentary theater. As a performer, she has a broader view, works on different worlds and aesthetics, and discovers performative experiences. Her current works center around invisible overpowering, neuroscience, and the human brain, studying political matters at the personal daily life level, considering social and collective acts as a performance practice with the collective narrative as the scores …


Her latest creations are “ But, will I Remember?” a lecture video performance about narrative and human brain function in memory and information processing. She performed in Kaserne Basel in 2022.


“The Possible”- a lecture performance about inheritance as a biological and social phenomenon, and the position of watching and being watched as a personal and social relation. She has created and performed in Tehran in 2019, Istanbul in 2020, and Brussels in 2023.

Shedhalle – Naghmeh Manavi

photo by Maria Harfoushe