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ProtoZone 16

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In short

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Anna Fries + Göksu Kunak


Produced as part of the About Us! Festival.

Shown in the Framework of Tag der offenen Fabrik


Shedhalle is currently under construction for the new Protozone, so we’re opening the back door for a video screening of “Hardbreakes”:


All humans know it: wishing for something that in the end does not bring happiness at all. Be it in love, with plans for the future or in the search for solutions to problems – longing can also bring pain.


Inspired by Lauren Berlant’s book “Cruel Optimisim”, people in Wollishofen were asked about their unfulfilled wishes and how they deal with heartbreak. The conversations can be discovered in the video, which is published here.

Video Türkçe/عربي

Video Français/Espagnol

Video Deutsch/English