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Ivo Dimchev


– interactive solo performance by Ivo Dimchev



Ivo Dimchevs’ METCH invites to different modes of gathering around an artwork and builds gentle forms of trust by generating an intimate community with the audience.


“METCH is a concert exhibition, an auction, an exercise, an excessive production of paintings, an obsessive dialog with the audience and of course the songs… I know many people come to my shows because they like my songs. For good or for bad those people will need to experience or crash with my very complex and unpredictable relationship to theatre, dance, politics, and contemporary art.“


*M.E.T.CH. – Music, Exhibition, Text, Choreography

concept, music and text by Ivo Dimchev


Artist Bio:


Ivo Dimchev is a theatre maker, choreographer, visual artist, singer-songwriter, and queer activist from Bulgaria. His work is an extreme and colorful mix of performance art, dance, theater, music, painting, and photography. He is the author of more than 40 stage performances and has received numerous international awards for dance and theater. His work has been presented throughout Europe, South and North America, and Asia.


During the Covid pandemic Dimchev performed more than 400 private concerts in people’s homes in Bulgaria, Istanbul, New York, and Los Angeles.


Dimchev is the founder and director of Bulgaria’s Humarts Foundation. In 2009, after doing his master’s studies on performing arts at Dasarts Academy in Amsterdam, he opened Volksroom in Brussels, a performance space that presents young international artists. In 2014, he opened MOZEI in Sofia, Bulgaria, as an independent space for presenting contemporary art and music.


In addition to his artistic work, Dimchev gives master classes at the National Theater Academy (Budapest), the Royal Dance Conservatorium of Belgium (Antwerp), Hochschule der Künste (Bern), Amsterdam University of the Arts, and DanceWeb (Vienna), among others.

Shedhalle – Ivo Dimchev
Shedhalle – Ivo Dimchev
Shedhalle – Ivo Dimchev