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In short

What started out as a vigilante strategy for bringing accountability to powerful people who had previously been immune to any consequences for their actions, is increasingly becoming an unreflective method for bullying within communities. Whether to call it call-out culture, cancel-culture or shaming-culture is hotly debated, but regardless of its name, by now its toxicity is undeniable.


Lou Drago has been investigating identity politic’s role in perpetuating what socio-political observers have called the “fracturing of the Left,” and cancel-culture’s role in deepening divides along identity-based lines. For this initial workshop, Drago will introduce their ideas around enacting intersectional affinity through a process called Radical Sociability, and through a series of exercises, speculate with participants on how to be receptive and humble in order to really enact solidarity.


Together participants will be invited to share experiences and ideas as to why the ‘Left’ have so readily taken up the oppressors’ tools, and how we might combat this to encourage solidarity and empathy instead of doing capital’s divisive work for it.


Limited number of participants, please register here.

With this workshop, Shedhalle takes part in the program Ü40 – Rote Fabrik, *24.10.1980

Shedhalle – Lou Drago: Radical Sociability

Lou Drago
picture by Chill Okubo