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When I told Rafa Esparza about the opera he seemed really into it and accepted to do the image for the poster. His recent series of paintings are done in adobe –a construction material typical of rural Mexico that uses soil as the main ingredient– and chicken wire canvases. His practice often includes collaboration, an emphasis on land and holding space for the communities he is part of.


This is not the first time Coatlicue pops up in our relationship. He did one of the most epic performances I have ever experienced at TRAICIÓN in Festival Ceremonia 2018. It was titled Mexika Hi-Fem … Dressed as Coatlicue herself, with a massively heavy concrete cast head piece, full body harness, golden claws and serpent braids by Lady Soulfly. He would come into the club and dance upon a red pyramid right in the middle of the dancefloor, this altar was full of religious figurines that he would smash against her face. Devorando ídolos! The scandal made it to the local newspapers.


In “entre lenguas” (2020), Coatlicue is surrounded by a spring of water and sea shells, symbols of Chalchiuhtlicue, goddess of sweat water, the rivers, lakes and lagoons.

Shedhalle – Alberto Bustamante – COATLICUE