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Give a shit (2022)


Give a shit (2022) is a participatory performance to trigger micro-actions to respond to the current systemic crisis, functioning as an open kitchen/restaurant at Shedhalle.


Inviting various experts working in the canton of Zurich such as fermentation experts, food rescue activists, dry toilet experts, vegan chefs, organic farmers, fermented beverage experts, etc, this performance piece creates an open platform to share knowledge, experiences, and emotions.


It consists of an on-site workshop to ferment the bio vegetables from the food rescue, an open cooking session where participants voluntarily cook, and a CARE program including a dry toilet.


Those who wish to participate in the whole evening can register for free by applying in advance, and there is also space for spontaneous short-term participation on the site.


Drinks and food (gluten-free, vegan, and bio) will be distributed for both participants and visitors, and those taking food/drink can voluntarily donate money or exchange food/drink with participation in the CARE program.


Byungseo Yoo is a Korean artist/researcher/educator/mediator/writer/cook, living and working in Geneva (Switzerland). His main practice is action research on fermentation and cultural revival in art/institutional context to create tools to exit from the current systemic crisis.

His works and projects have been introduced through the exhibition, place, institution, artist in residency, gallery such as Musée d’ethnographie de Genève (Geneva, Switzerland), DOCK 11 (Berlin, Germany), ZK/U (Berlin, Germany), L’Assaut de la Menuiserie (Saint-Étienne, France), Gallery Ygrec, (Paris, France), Public Storage (Vancouver, Canada), Asia Culture Center (Gwangju, Republic of Korea), Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, Republic of Korea), Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo, Japan).


Shedhalle – Byungseo Yoo: Give a shit (2022)
Shedhalle – Byungseo Yoo: Give a shit (2022)
Shedhalle – Byungseo Yoo: Give a shit (2022)
Shedhalle – Byungseo Yoo: Give a shit (2022)
Shedhalle – Byungseo Yoo: Give a shit (2022)
Shedhalle – Byungseo Yoo: Give a shit (2022)