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​​Ceylan Öztrük is an artist living and working in Zürich. She completed her practice-based PhD (2016) in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Istanbul) that she initiated her subject in Vienna in Academy of Fine Arts on Post Conceptual Art Practices in 2014. She received her graduate (MFA-2011) and undergraduate (BFA-2006) degrees from the Fine Arts Faculty at Anadolu University. Some of her exhibitions and performances are Matter of non, FriArt Fribourg Kunsthalle, Fribourg (2021); Orientalien, Gessnerallee Theater , Zürich (2020); Am a Mollusk, too; re/producing Tangents, Longtang, Zürich (2020), IV. Berliner Herbstsalon, Berlin (2019); Oriental Demo, My Wild Flag Festival, Stockholm (2019), Building Poems, 1.1, Basel (2018); Speculative Domestics: Ai (Artificial Intimacy) Showroom, Alienze, Lausanne (2019); Call me Venus, Mars, Istanbul (2016).

Ceylan Öztrük opens up accepted forms of knowledge and focuses on how it was built to shift a specific flow and thus become tools of the structures of power. She aims to break the flow of information in the mainstream with a multi-disciplinary approach, offering to set up new channels that co-exist with and sometimes replace the existing ones. She creates Autotheory and employs interventions in her practice as a methodology with which she tries to transform existing situations and frameworks. Writing, the core of her work, takes various forms and formats in Öztrük’s work. Her autotheory writings find bodies not only in prosa but also in sculptures, installations, performances and so on.