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ProtoZone 16

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ProtoZone 17


Protozone 11: it’s weird

In short

With: Angela Goh, Autumn Knight, Kris Lemsalu, Pontus Pettersson, Michael Portnoy


We are reclaiming the weird.


Not the uncanny, or necessarily the strange, but the weird as that which is out of place, a refusal in plain sight, a blurring of boundaries and relations. By challenging dominant perspectives, which have historically framed what is the “correct” narrative, weirdness becomes a space of knowledge production.


We invite a selection of artists and thinkers to imagine together how weirdness can create alternative and inclusive futures.

Opening times:

LO-Intensity Phase

17.06. – 6.08.

open every Sat 14-20h & Sun 14-18h

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Shedhalle – Protozone11: it’s weird

Protozone11 it‘s weird, Graphic Design: Studio Yukiko