13.09 - 03.11.2024

ProtoZone 16

15.11 - 12.01.2025

ProtoZone 17

Yin Wong



14.12.2021 – 14.01.2022


‘Sacred Grove’ was recorded live on 28 October 2021 in Piazza Della Genga in Spoleto, Italy as part of a multi-media installation for one night only. Using field recordings collected across month around the region, the piece features tri-cultural references to pagan belief through nature and the sound of insects, bees, water, air, as well as moments of a sermon in the Basilica of Assisi, Convento di Sant’Anna, and a broken music box shamisen and Tibetan tingsha bells used in prayers in rituals from the private collection of worldly instruments borrowed from La Mama Umbria.


Limited Edition of 50 cassette tapes with individual hand-drawn talismans will be released in Spring 2022.


Special thanks to Mahler Lewitt Studio Residency, La Mama Umbria & Shedhalle